How to use StudyMyTremor

This application uses a highly sophisticated, scientifically proven algorithm to measure and analyze the trembling of the hand, the so called tremor. It gives you the ability to measure and quantify your tremor and to keep track of your values.The main goal of your measurements is to track your tremor and to compare it with previous recording. Therefore, it is pre-requisite to standardize the measurement condition.










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  1. Please explain in more detail the difference between power measurement and frequency measurement and the significance of each.

    • Dear Cindy,
      please refer to the manual (also available in the app) for details.
      For your convienience, we copied the respective section below:

      This is the dominant frequency of your tremor, the unit is “Hertz” (Hz). For example, a value of 5 Hz means that your hand is oscillating approximately 5 times per second. For some types of pathological tremors this value is highly constant over time and does not vary. For the normal, physiological trembling of the hand the value varies with mechanical load, and other factors, and may be slightly different each measurement. Typical values are between 4 Hz and 10 Hz.

      this value shows the Power (i.e. strength) of the tremor in the unit “milli Watt per kilogram mass of your hand”. Typical values for a normal, physiological hand tremor are between 1 and 3 mW, severe Tremors can reach values up to 10 or even 20 Watt (so 10.000 times the value of a normal tremor).

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