Stappstore_badges-01udyMyTremor uses a highly sophisticated, scientifically proven algorithm to measure and analyze the trembling of the hand, the so called tremor. It gives you the ability to measure and quantify your tremor and to keep track of your values.

The main goal of your measurements is to track your tremor and to compare it with previous recording, or the values of other users. Therefore, it is pre-requisite to standardize the measurement condition.

Tremor is the notion for the trembling of a limb. Most prominent is the trembling of the outstretched hand, that everyone is aware of in special situations like excitement or strenuous workouts. Whereas a light trembling of the hand is present in all humans, increased amplitude of the trembling can lead to serious problems in daily life. Increased trembling could be a symptom of a wide variety of diseases, as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor disease, hypothyroidism, or various psychiatric conditions.
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